Hi! Your old pal Natty Boy has evolved into Parched. We grew up a bit, but just like before, we provide properly made drinks that taste good. That means winehard liquor and things for those who aren't drinking but still want their thirst quenched. We also have a tonne of fancy things to go alongside your fancy drinks.

Parched is here to quench an ever broader range of thirsts, from natural and mind bending to cult classic. We do it all so that you can have it all.

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Direct Imports // Imported Direct // Producers We Love

We have the incredibly tough job of venturing overseas a few times a year to seek out fresh producers. It is hard work, and you are welcome. Here's who we currently represent...

  • Dan's

    Opened in January 2022, Dan's has become one of the reference point wine bars of London (their words...). Here we offer the entire Parched range, as well as some other, harder to find gems that don't find their way onto the website. The vibe is ultra casual, and we're blessed with a huge, south facing suntrap on the Dalston Riviera. It's a winey dream. Cya there.

  • Ken's

    Ken's opened in September 2023, seeing a beautiful marriage between the Parched wine business and Chef Fergus Shields' delicate, nourishing and forward thinking food menu. We offer a rotating list of 400+ wines and a weekly changing food offering. Again, the vibe is casual yet elite. Reservations are available via Resy. Yummy.