Rémi and Laurence Dufaitre started their winemaking careers in 2006, by purchasing vines in and around Brouilly and selling their grapes to local co-ops, keeping a close eye on the indigenous yeast population until it was healthy enough to start bottling their own goods. Once they did, in 2010, Jean Foillard himself got hold of a bottle and recognised its immense potential. He took Rémi under his wing, getting him an audience with a vast array of clients in Paris, where he now enjoys a devoted following. Rémi is now an informal member of the legendary 'Gang of Four', which is pretty grand company to be in. He uses the same winemaking methods for all of his cuvées - classic whole bunch carbonic maceration with 0-2g of sulphur added at bottling according to the wine's stablility - with only minor differences in elevage, so each wine is a pure reflection of its terroir. Rémi's wines are just beautiful, pure expressions of Beaujolais, wines for all occasions.

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