9th August – What? Jumping Juice + New Jura! + Iconic Chardy + The September Tasting... The Things We Do For You 💋

by Megan Jones


This is supposed to be the slow month 😂 so either we're doing something right or you're just extra thirsty. Either way is fine. We'll take a pat on the back anyway. Can't quite believe it, but Natty Boy Wines turned two a couple of weeks back, so I figure we may as well open some things and have a drink to celebrate. This Saturday I'll be at dan's from 6ish, once the sun chills out a bit, and we'll have some bottles open and pouring by the glass that I've been holding back. Come say hi, it'll be worth it. 

Something for everyone today! Hurray! Let's start with the juice. Jumping Juice. Joyous, easy to like nattys from Paddy Sullivan and Xavier Goodridge. Nice colours, nice tastes. A tasty mix is available here.

Moving up a gear. Some fresh Jura, eyed off for a while and tasted last week and then purchased immediately. Amelie Guillot. The labels have an owl on them. Hoot Hoot. Modern expressions, not short of fruit nor complexity nor drinkability. These will fly, literally. Grab some here.

Moving up another gear. So many gears. Like a mountain bike. Jean-Marc Vincent 🥰 We were pouring his Montagny 1er Cru btg in the bar recently. Montagny is meant to be a lesser village. This was ballistic. I've just bought some 2017 whites, his entry Chardy and then a 1er Cru from Saint-Aubin. If you like wine that tastes stupidly good and should cost way more than it does then this could well be for you................................. Have a stab. Go-on.

On Tuesday the 6th of September we're gonna deep dive into wines that come from places that you don't expect them to come from. Come, learn, or just drink and chat. As always, things will be ultra laid back. A bit of rambling and then far more sipping and snacking. Spaces are limited, grab your mates. Tickets available here!

Have a good one please!