11th August – A Champagne Super Storm + New Ribera Sacra + The September Tasting... It's Time! 😈

by Megan Jones


Can't stop, won't stop. Turns out quadrupling your outdoor seating in the middle of summer means a fair bit more work on a Wednesday night than one is used to. Weird. So here I find myself, at a quarter to ten on a lovely Thursday morning, with pretty sore feet, thinking about Champagne. Life is strange, but I suppose there are worse things to be thinking about. 

The following winez arrive tomorrow (Friday), so the earliest you can get your mits on them will be Saturday (if you're in London because we are amazing and deliver on a Saturday as standard) or Monday if you are lucky enough to live somewhere that isn't London.

Good Champagne is something that you could feasibly consume morning to night with very little fatigue. What you'll probably notice most about the fizz that we choose to work with here is that lack of dosage, or adjusted sugar to balance acidity, if you compare them side by side with some of the big, bad Grand Marque producers (looking at you Veuve). What this means is a more penetrating acid line, greater tension, greater clarity of variety, soil type and climatic conditions. Basically treatment like an extremely well made still wine that shows vintage expression. So yes, whilst these wines are a bit more exxy than their aforementioned contemporaries, at the end of the day you're consuming a real wine rather than the alcoholic version of Coca Cola. Enough of my pretentious ramblings!

Fresh arrivals in the Champagne Super Storm™ include Agrapart, Jacques Lassaigne and Benoit Lahaye. You'll see an extremely desire inducing Rose de Maceration on offer too..... It's a hedonistic experience. Have a look at the whole lot here.

But maybe you like still wine more? Fair. Each to their own. I tried. Fortunately we are something for everyone. Say g'day to Silice. A tiny operation doing great things down in Ribera Sacra. Google Ribera Sacra vineyards, honestly. Look at the conditions the producers there are operating in. There's hard yakka and then there's working vineyards on precipitous slopes high above a river in Spain. Fair dinkum. The wines are stupid good. So much personality on show here. Everything we seem to score from Ribera atm is such joyous consumption, with the wines of Silice being no different. Fans of Envinate and Perez should already have clicked through, now it's your turn. Do the thing right here.

On Tuesday the 6th of September we're gonna deep dive into wines that come from places that you don't expect them to come from. Come, learn, or just drink and chat. As always, things will be ultra laid back. A bit of rambling and then far more sipping and snacking. Spaces are limited, grab your mates. Tickets available here!

Have a good one please! Orders in by 2:30pm today if you want weekend booze outside of London hehe