About Us

Hi, welcome to Parched, formerly known as Natty Boy.
We're an online wine shop, a really good wine shop. We deliver to you, wherever and whenever (Monday to Saturday) you like.
We don't deal with wines that are readily available in your average wine shops. We source wines of smaller production levels, mostly from smaller producers. We look for wines that taste like what they are, where they came from and the conditions of the vintage. It would be boring if they tasted the same every year. We also sell the icons, because it's good to have reference points.
Most importantly we sell wines that we ourselves love, we ourselves share with friends and loved ones, in the park or on the lounge. 
Not all the wines sold on Parched are what you'd call Natural Wines. Some are, some aren't. What they all share is a conscientiousness towards the environment and the consumer, and all are as unmanipulated as possible. 
Basically we only sell good wine.