29th March – 👀 Sicilian Spring Vibes, More Foillard and a New Sangiovese That'll Have You Slapping the Competition

by Megan Jones


Anyone else feeling that clocks-moving-forward-lost-hour-hangover type sensation? I need a swim, or a week off, but alas, you need your wine and general semi-wine related chat. So here we go. 

I mention this place so much you'd almost think there's a decent amount of good booze being produced there. Funny that. Introducing Gulfi. Fkn sizzling labels, really aesthetically pleasing. High on the pleasure scale when it comes to consumption too. Vibrant fruits are high on the agenda here. I've got in some of the unpronounceable Valcanzjria, which is Chardy/Carricante, fruit forward and delicious. As well as some Cerasuolo, in all it's aromatic, food friendly glory. These bad boys will be on the pour over the weekend down at dan's if you're in the mood. And if you're in the mood right now, just get some here.

🍜 Today's another back breaking day of new arrivals and restocks, including some biggies from Jean Foillard. Still waiting on the 2020's to land, I've managed to nab the last of the 2019's (a more classic vintage) including some hard-to-find-but-easy-to-drink Fleurie. First in, best dressed here, not to be missed. Limited stocks available here.

Gonna leave you with some stupid value, straight out of Tuscany. We're on a bit of a hot streak at the moment, with iconic producers putting out a raft of smoking, unoaked, pure Sangiovese and not trying to rip anyone off. Unheard of. What inflation? If you've any aspirations for BBQing in 2022 I'd be grabbing some of this 💦

Ok, that's it for today. Off to do what I do best. Pack boxes. Remember, order by 2:30pm and get it next business day.