24th March – Order Today, Get Nice Wine Tomorrow! and SNACKS! Tim Tams+ Shapes! New Tolpuddle, Sunny Sicilians, Outdoor Seating + A Coupla Interesting Re-Stocks 😈

by Megan Jones


I'll start with the exciting news. Outdoor drinking is now a thing. The council have come to play and now you can enjoy London's most sublime wine selection at dan's whilst basking in the sun with that enviable Dalston street view. But be quick, spaces are limited. Another FYI, half the bar is closed tonight for a private wine tasting, so there's only like 8 spots + the 6 outside. So do with that news what you will...

Further exciting news on the food front, especially if you, like me, are from the land of Oz and haven't been back in a while and hate getting ripped to shreds trying to buy Shapes and Tim Tams at some deplorable yet unnamed sweet shops. I got them both. You can eat them in the bar too, because why not. Get some snacks for your home life here. Suggestions always welcome for other foodstuffs. Thinking Chicken Salt is next...

Wine things now.

2020 allocation of Tolpuddle is in. Iconic Aus, rightfully considered amongst the best expressions of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, anywhere. 3 bottles of each only. Stupidly good booze. Collectors Items R Here.

Ever drunk Marsala? Probably only if you raided nan's liquor cabinet. Most of the time I'd say no bother, you're not missing out. But then there's Marco di Bartoli! I've just gotten in some of his regular white woine, as I'm not sure now's the time for sweet and fortified alternative whites. What it is the time for is zippy, saline whites. You can do that dance right here.

Got some more Occhipinti too. Contrada level, some of it back vintage. God I spoil you all...

I'll leave you with some re-stock news, some pretty bloody fantastic re-stock news. I just re-stocked wines from Petterino, Alessandro Viola, Bodegas Maranones, Chateau Thivin and Judith Beck, to name but a few of the producers whose wines I have just re-stocked... There's a fair whack of booze here at present. Pls help me shift it.

k bye.
ily xxx