26th April – The UK's Best Wine Range™ 😏 Somehow Gets Even Better! New Masseria del Pino, Pataille, Cassiopee, Denavolo etc etc etc

by Megan Jones


Hope you're well? I've been shopping again. My accountant is going to have a conniption come the end of the quarter but that is life and life requires a stupidly good selection of wine. 

Coupla things before diving in. Firstly, I'm hiring, so if you want a wine job, or know someone who does, then say hi. 

Secondly, the olds are over from Aus this week, and I wanna throw a bit of a party on Friday at dan's to show them what I've been doing with my time and how good you all are. Come by, there'll be some special things available by the glass.

Enough of that, how about some wine chit-chat.

Aligoté FTW! New gems from Domaine de Cassipoee (about to blow up), new releases from Domaine Goisot (the OG) and Sylvain Pataille (FFS). I'm not actually sure you can do better than that. I've put all the Aligoté in one place because I am nice like that. Here you go.

More Etna goodies, because too much is never enough and some things you can't say no to. Meet Masseria del Pino. Reclusive and exclusive. They make shit-all wine, but what does get made is so outstanding that it requires a paragraph. These wines are the liquid definition of mineral and ethereal. Not cheap, but hey-ho! Very limited stocks available.

Do you like Riesling? How about mature, late harvested Rizza from the master of late harvested Rizza? I do. Just got some more Donnhoff, which judging by how it usually goes, won't be here long. A mix of Spatlese from 2003, 2006 and 2010. Yippee! Off you trot.



Feeling SKINSY? Denavolo should be a go-to. I've picked up some Mansano Bianco. It's Sauvignon, but not as you know it. A tour de force. Strap in. 

That's just scratching the surface. Dozens of new wines are up on the website (RIGHT HERE), with dozens more joining in time for the weekend. Can't stop won't stop. Hope you like!