21st April – IT'S SUNNY OUT! Fresh Greek Wine, Fresh Aussie Wine, Fresh Fresh Fresh 🏄

by Megan Jones


If this isn't BBQ weather, then I simply must give up. Whilst I look into the legalities surrounding cooking on the windowsill of my flat you should have a look into the following wines... 

My Big Fat Greek Favourites Tetramythos are back. Greece is firming up as a bit of a hot spot for interesting wines that are clean and taste good whilst being equally food friendly as they are drinkable. If only more places tried this recipe. These guys are at the forefront, doing things up in the mountains that us mere mortals can only dream of as we read interesting, wine related emails. If you want character, here you go.

I think I hand sold my weight in Xinomavro on Saturday, what with Easter Lamb being at the front of many a mind. Good thing that Easter Lamb = Spring Lamb. And if you aren't a Lamb/Meat consumer, these wines pair amicably with any robust vegetarian dish, specifically those under the influence of fire and smoke. Markovitis, who used to be called Chateau Pegasus (I wish they still were) put out some stupidly good Xin at stupidly good prices. I've got some 1997 floating around at present, in a sweet spot, ready for Sunday lunch. Now I'm distracted... If you want a more fruit driven red wine experience, then Dalamara are your go-to. No less prestigious, just more generous in the mouth weight wise. The 2019's are ripping. Happy hunting/drinking/being 🐑🍆

I'll leave you with Gentle Folk 🤗 from whom there's a tiny amount of wine available. Bit of Rainbow Juice, bit of Vin de Sofa, bit of a good time. Both deserve fridge space as well as glass space and then mouth space. Load up here.

As much as we never stop putting things in boxes and having them delivered, our lovely courier partners do sometimes stop. So if you want wine satisfaction in time for the weekend, get your order in by 2:30pm