22nd November – Take Care, Garnier 💅

by Daniel Long


NYE plans? Me neither, so we're throwing a party at dan's. Details to follow next week, just thought I'd give you the heads up, so fingers can be ready on the mouse clicker as space will b limited. 

Time for some self love, care of JC Garnier and his scintillating Loire Valley gear. We've landed some pulsating, lightly oxy Chenin, and a coupla ethereal yet fruity reds that'll set pulses racing. Not much kicking around though, soooo do your thing. Here. Thanks.

Remember those Vietti wines you all cleaned up a few weeks back? Pre-heat the oven, because they've re-landed. Autumn = sorted. Hello.

And lastly, if you like exxy and incredibly limited but also incredibly tasty Champers, there's two newbies just 4 u! David Leclapart makes some of my favourite fizz to drink when someone else is paying, and Pierre Peters makes some of the best fizz known to man, that we somehow get an allocation of. I won't go into details. Both r super limited.

Au revoir, A bientot!


Cya round xxx