24th November – SOMETHING 4 EVERYONE 💞

by Daniel Long


We, being the gift that keeps on giving, have some freshies 4 you!

It's becoming fairly self evident that the litre bottle is in fact the perfect volume. Which is great news in itself, no doubt. What's also great news is the addition of further Puglian blends from l'Archetipo. These are good, like, really good. Have a punt.

I went to Berlin on the weekend, on what was a slightly different trip the the last time I was there. More wine less Club-Mate. Probably for the best. I went to a cool bar, called Le Balto, and revisited the wines of Domaine de Thalie. This was a superb idea, and called for a restock. So, we've more whites, which are off the charts good if you like Chardonnay, as well as reds, which are gonna be up your street if you like medium bodied red wine that drinks well slightly chilled and tastes superb. They're all right here.

Onto the upper echelon gear. 

Heaps of Chablis + Chablis-lite from the best Canadian producer of Chablis, Patrick Piuze. Tiny quantities as usual. Even tinier quantities of Jules Desjourneys, both whites and sole red. And then even smaller quantities of PYCM... just because.

K, GTG. Off to look at what might turn into another, bigger, shop + bar + cellar + good time 😊

Cya round xxx