17th November – BIG LOAD 👀 Heaps of Freshies + Restocks + Lovely Bits

by Daniel Long


We didn't need any more wine in here, but just like death and taxes, there's us loading up and never saying no to anything v good. What a raison d'être. So, lets have at it.

From up in the hills above Thessaloniki we've landed some gear from the inimitable Kamara Estate. More Xinomavro, becuase this is 100% Xin weather, and some skinsy Retsina, which is nothing like the crap they peddle on the islands. It's the real deal. You can be too, right here.

Fang it west to Italia and there's plentiful booze both new and old from the likes of Tiberi and Vini di Giovanni in Umbria, as well as Vini SassaraPetterino and Ar Pe Pe up in the north. Truly something for everyone.

France, yep. Trousseau from Amelie Guillot, which is the dream. Hectic fizz from Agrapart in Champers, and Autran over in the Loire. Sort of weird but stupidly drinkable red wine from Chateau Le Roc down in the Frontonais, and a wine of both presence and freshness from Clos du Gravillas in the mountains of the Languedoc. 

We barely scratched the surface here. Truly back breaking work. That's it 4 today, gotta set up for tonight. So much wine... so much cheese.

Orders by 2:30pm for the weekend pls and thanks!

Cya round xxx