29th November – CULT FIZZ + THE XMAS FREE POUR 🎄

by Megan Jones


Supposedly there's some sport on today, when in reality, the main event is tomorrow at 3pm. With that in mind, I'll regale you with information about an event happening on the 18th of December.

Following on from the undeniable success that was our Beaujolais Ancien party (see you again next year), we've decided to throw one last tasting/session before Xmas. I'm gonna be opening up a whole bunch of gear that'll make you the favourite relative should you decide to bust it open on the big day. The kind of wines that mean the washing and drying duties are palmed off onto your less vinous inspired sibling. Truly the stuff that dreams are made of. Tickets are just £15, and are already shifting. You can grab a spot here, and swing by whenever. There'll be mince pies floating around, I can't stand them, but for you all this is something I'll gladly do.

What about that Cult Fizz stuff? Prevost is here, and it's only available in a 3pack with some other fizz that, if you're in the market for Prevost, you should also be in the market for. There are 3 of these 3 packs available. Synergy. Grab one here.

Speaking of hard to get. Dureuil-Janthial is here, in short supply, but in good supply as I bought the entire allocation from one of my importers. I love these wines, like it's bordering on creepy how much so. Feel the love for yourself, right here.

In other news, there's new Andrea Occhipinti, Jean-Yves Peron, Dutraive, Capezzana Olive Oil, Donnhoff, Prum.... bloody hell!

Cya round xxx