by Megan Jones


Did you know that you're one of over 5000? On the mailing list? This mailing list. THE MAILING LIST. Mind blowing, it truly has been a ride. Thanks for the casual readership. Does anyone know a publisher?

Because I appreciate you all so much, we've managed to take on some more space, which means more wine in the short term, a physical Natty Boy shop alongside the wine bar, dan's, in the mid-term, and in the long term all your dreams coming true. Making N1 our own over here.

How about that more wine right now though? We're on the same page. Here's whats new/whats good. Aside from you, that is.

Freshies from Savoie good fella Jean-Yves. A mix of reds and advanced skin contact action. Supreme levels of satisfaction on the cards.

In the same vein, but up to the north west we head. Calvez + Bobinet. Loire Valley game changers. A raft of new things, including a scintillating fresh Chenin and a coupla fizzers from their new project, Summertime, which will have you at the beach, which is where I want to be.

Talking about Summer. More Jumpin Juice from back home. Got a heap, so help us out and make some room in your fridge. 

Finally, for the purists. Reds from Domaine Marc Colin. Not just any reds though. A selection of old vine parcels from 2015, lovingly aged for you. These are my hot tip of the week. If anyone was interested.

Back behind the camera I go.