by Megan Jones


So much new gear à la Française waltzing on through the doors atm. We'll start with the weird and wonderful from down south.

Antony Tortul at La Sorga puts out a dizzying amount of wine, dizzying even for us, who spend all day looking at said wine. These are wines that already have cult following among yourselves, and are definitely not short on personality, much like us all. So, a myriad of new cuvees from the man who is an evident master blender + master elevage-er. Small quantities as per.

Up the the Jura, perhaps predictably...

V Happy this Tuesdee to be able to offer out some of the wines from Domaine de l'Octavin. I've been eyeing them off for a while, and a bottle I drank in Hobart of all places back in October sealed the deal. Alice + team are tremendously hands on in the vineyard, letting them be hands off in the winery. All wines are made without additions and the general theme is one of invigoration. These are effortless in many senses. Limited stocks available here.

Now, onto some more mixed picks, that all happen to be French too. Voila!

As I said last week, you'll start to notice some subtle changes in voice over the coming weeks, months, years, eons. Have a go at these!

Romuald Valot, Temps de Chien - this one’s been staring at me in the shop for a little while, and then Dan went and put it on as a by the glass option. Thank you Dan, from all of us. You lovely lot who came into the bar couldn’t get enough of it, and neither could I. Gamay + Chardonnay, lightweight, moreish fresh red fruit-ness - those ancient vines working their magic. Serve chilled.

Matthieu Barret, Petit Ours - like a bird to a shiny thing, how could I not try the bottle with a sparkly bear on it. It’s delicious. And if you need further confirmation of this, a group came last week and consumed four bottles, switching only once to something else and then returning to the bear. Dark fruit-ed and oh so smoooooth.

Dureuil-Janthial, Rully Rouge - I bought this as a bit of a splashout gift but somehow - despite the thousands of bottles we have in the shop - managed to choose a bottle that they already had. In fact, they had a case of it. It’s a pinot worth having multiple bottles of. A pinot that can be squirrelled away for later if you so wish. OR a pinot that can be picked up at dan’s and drunk now.

Just a Bit of Content today!

Have fun,