by Megan Jones


Dan here. This bi-weekly email is turning into something like a competition. Who can receive the most complimentary replies. Megan or myself. I think I'm losing atm, might be time to hang up the boots and open another bar... maybe it'll be named Ken's.

I write to you from transit in Seoul, complete with red fox face mask on which is meant to be rejuvenate my skin, let's see how that goes. One thing that is rejvenating is the range at the moment, long may that continue. There's been a myriad of fresh vintages arrive in the past week, with more to come. Here r the highlights AFAIAC. 

In the world of accessible Jura, Amelie Guillot does it better than most. Some days just call for a fat slab of cheese and a L glass of saline Chardonnay. That day will probably come around this week, and this is the wine. Just the right amount of everything.

Rinse and repeat.

In the world of affordable Burgundy that actually tastes good, Berthaut-Gerbet does it better than most. Every time I sip on these I'm reminded of why it is that I choose to work in such an industry, whilst simultaneously questioning why it's so hard to find stuff that tastes this good and is this complex from this part of France at this kind of price. We all deserve better, and thankfully, the good folk at Berthet-Gerbet are giving it to us.

Upper echelon Beaujolais is free flowing thanks to Domaine de la Grand'Cour and Jean Foillard. These are two families deserving of thrones in the region. The Dutraive's work wonders in Fleurie, crafting some of the most effortless and ethereal red wines you will ever drink. Go nuts here. Onto the Foillard's, who probably need far less introduction but here you are anyway. Producers of the finest gateway bottles of the natty wine world. They're bucket list wines for many. You can be one of the lucky ones.

and... finally we've landed some more Eduardo Torres Acosta. A guy who grew up on Tenerife, and now makes wine on Mount Etna. Safe to say he knows a thing or two about operating on volcanoes. Reds and whites of intrigue and drinkability. Do your worst.

Can highly recommend the red fox face mask FYI. I am glowing! Have a good one.