by Megan Jones

Hey winos,

I know you’ve all been on tenterhooks since Tuesday, wondering if we ever managed to charge the car and get out of the supermarket car park. Worry not. After a long hour (and some hairy moments going over the hills into Geneva) we made it back just in time to cruise into the Partida Creus tasting like the celebrities we are. How good was that tasting by the way?! I want to go live in the Penedès with Antonella and Massimo and have them cook me huge Italian dinners every night. Didn’t get a ticket? Don’t stress. May tastings are gonna be announced any minute now, so get ready to run.

There’s a long round up of our Jura trip coming your way soon, but in the meantime I’m still feeling French. Arbois is such a weird, cute town. I felt like Belle in the opening scene of Beauty in the Beast, bopping around from shop to shop wielding a baguette and serenading the locals. I didn’t do that, don’t worry. I’d like to get invited back some day, and I think we made enough of an impression on the townsfolk as it is… more to come on that soon.

So while I’m pretending I’m still in France, slice yourself a bit of Comté and get a load of these.

We’re always sitting on a fat stack of Beaujolais, and now the days are warming up it’s time to chill them down and splash them about. This cutie is crunchy and fresh, dying to have you take it on a picnic. It IS picnic weather, shut up. Can’t go wrong with the full Bouland collection either. Buy yourself a wine rack and get one of each. Don’t you want to be the sort of person who has a wine rack? I do, and I’m always right, just ask the staff at Dan’s. That’s what they say to my face, anyway.

Over in the white section, we’re absolutely overflowing with Chablis. Ordered that wine rack yet? Time to stock up. These are three of the most chiselled, laser Chardonnays I can think of: this, this and this. Burgundy! Stop it!

Got a couple of Frenchies on the by the glass list this week too. C u @ dan’s.

Je vous aime! See, told you I speak French.