by Megan Jones

What’s happenin winos,

Megan here, trying to resist the urge to write another weather-based newsletter after experiencing all four seasons during the ten-minute walk to and from Mangal 1 to get falafel for lunch. Anyone else bored of not knowing how to dress when you go outside? Bad enough to have to read Dan’s gloating emails from the sunny climes of Australia without also having to dig out clothes I thought I could comfortably put in the back of my wardrobe now it’s April.

In lieu of talking about the weather, again, because I refuse to be that boring, I’m gonna tell you about some of our bargain bangers. We do a good line in elite, high-end booze here at Natty Boy, but our mission is, and has always been, to cater for everyone. I feel that sometimes what I lovingly refer to as the ‘cheap shelf’ gets neglected. Given that six months ago I would have considered these ‘cheap’ wines to be expensive, like, someone’s birthday present expensive, like, my childhood best friend’s thirtieth birthday-and-engagement-and-baby shower present expensive, I think it’s important I don’t forget my roots. Sure, I like a £40 Chardy from Burgundy as much as the next gal, but given I spent most of my pay cheque at the start of the month on holidays that I won’t get to enjoy for several months, now seems like a good time to be thinking about how to continue swilling the good stuff without getting my legs broken by some burly guy with a crowbar due to outstanding wine loans. If any of you lot have as poor a grasp on money management as I do, read on.

For anyone who has an occasion they need to celebrate in the next two weeks but already spent all their money this month, you can’t go wrong with Lemoss. It’s mostly Glera with a dash of Bianchetta Verdiso Perera (sure…), so it’s essentially natural Prosecco. Most importantly, this means you can variously describe it as ‘natural wine’ or ‘Prosecco’ depending on which party you’re taking it to. It’s not just the concept that’s crowd-pleasing though – everyone loves it. If you find someone who doesn’t love it, well, congrats. Sucks to be them.

Invited to a dinner party and don’t know what to bring/don’t know what they’re cooking/don’t know who’s invited and therefore don’t know how fancy it’s gonna be? Bring this. It’s the ultimate food friendly wine – crisp enough for seafood or veggie fare but with enough body to hold its own with something heavier too. I had it on Saturday when I made sea bass with harissa and lemon with date and dill rice (don’t even worry about it). On that note, I still have approximately five kilos of dates to use up because apparently that’s the smallest quantity you can buy them in. Send recipes my way plz.

Buying a gift for a label snob? Or just a label snob yourself? This is the one for u. No idea what the label is meant to be but I think we can all agree it’s cute. It’s also a cute wine, a seriously bargain Côtes du Rhone, all red fruit and spice. Yum!

Finally, a true unicorn in the wine world – a good Pinot for under ten million pounds. No, it’s not from Burgundy (obviously), but just tell people it is and hold your hand over the label while you pour it. This has a lot going on for an insanely cheap price, given Pinot is an absolute nightmare to grow and probably one of the worst financial investments you can make as a winemaker, unless you’re already a millionaire. Show the Loire Pinot some love.

Like these prices? Course you do. Plenty more to be found here.

That’s it from me, off to count down the days til I get paid again.

Love u!