Holidaying at Home with Malbec 💧💨🍷

by Megan Jones

Ohhh hiiiii, it’s writing-morning again, that swung around fast, but then again, I was away on holiday last week so time’s been skewed. People asked me in the lead up, ‘oh holiday, where are you going? Italy? South Africa? Morocco?’ Erm, nope. The Lake District. Not quite so glam, but it’s a holiday to me. 

It seems like the word ‘holiday’ has once again become synonymous with going abroad. Going, going, gone, perhaps are the days of Covid inspired UK holidays?? Nahh, not on my watch. But, to avoid confusing the illusions of marching over boggy peaks in the UK and lying on a beach in the southern hemisphere, I shall from now on use the word ‘trip’ to describe UK escapes. Moving on... 

We were staying at a pub in the depths of one of the valleys (I’m not going to tell you the name because it’s a hidden gem and I can’t have all you rabble up there too), one that I visit once or twice a year. It’s no posh pub. It’s a good old walker’s pub that’s exactly the same as it was in the 70’s, apparently - I’m not that old. It’s like going back in time. Very little phone service, dodgy Wi-Fi that they only got installed last year, and good old country folk sitting, eating, drinking, drying off their walking socks, and if you’re lucky enough to be there on a Wednesday, huddled round the fire playing fiddles, guitars, harmonicas and maracas. Heart-warming stuff and I love it. Though I understand that it’s not for everyone. 

Anyway, as you can imagine, the wine wasn’t quite what I’m used to at Dan’s. The choice (for reds of course) was, Merlot, Rioja or Malbec. And do you know what, I was very happy with my walker’s pub style Medium Malbec’s n Merlot’s every night, alongside my curry and chips and some fire-side gossip. But then again, I am a walker. I was there to drink and be merry, and to add to the glow of my wind-beaten face. Not to drink and critique. At this point, the enjoyment encompasses more than just the drink in your hand. Part of the picture of fun but not THE WHOLE picture. It was refreshing, just like (as already mentioned I know) the wind that had been blasting my face all day. 

What made me giggle, is that the previous week, I had never had so many people come in to Dan’s and ask if we had any Malbec. That never happens. Usually it’s, ‘do you have any orange wine?’. To which the answer is, yes, we do, and if you like, you can climb in the fridge with it and give it a hug. So much love for the orange. And that’s great too. Of course.

However, for those of you who’d like to ride off the cheap, cheerful and winter warming hype that I may have created/for those of you who came in and enquired, we have two cheapo Malbec’s on our sub £15 shelf – Chateau du Cèdre, ‘Camille’ Malbec 2020 and Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Malbec Clásico 2020. Because sometimes (and increasingly), cheap and cheerful is just what we need. 

Alternatively, and to get me out of any potential trouble for plugging our cheaper wine (sorry Dan), you could drop £99 on Vouette et Sorbée Champagne ‘Blanc d’Argile’ R18 like the lovely gent I served last night did. For those moments when it is ALL ABOUT THE WINE. Which it always is of course. Tehe.   

All my love, Philosophical Fizzy Red Wine Ruth xoxox 

P.S. you can’t actually buy that £99 bottle of Champagne, we’re sold out. But you could buy this instead from Valentin Leflaive. It’s damn delicious.