by Megan Jones


A bit of arvo chat today. I figured this morning would be an assault of emails from everywhere you've ever entered your email promising to make your loved ones day for an inflated fee. Which you all will have ignored, as you've already made your loved ones day, everyday, just like you make mine.

Enough of that, I'm getting emotional. Almost as emotional as I got yesterday unboxing some of the fresh new arrivals. Let's start with the one's that aren't wine. 

Snacks? Who needs them? All of us, it's part of our basic makeup. There are few better snacks than Shapes, Tim Tams, and Red Frogs. We have them all. We also have Vegemite, although then you'll need bread or some other vessel. VB is also now on the site. I feel like I've just made a speech running for school captain. Coke from the bubblers next week. All of that stuff, as well as some really fancy tinned fish and olive oil is available here. Bulk up.

Wine now. I went peak Antipodean this week, amongst other things. 

New arrivals of all colours from old mate Dane at Momento Mori. This is where they farm and make wine. There is no possible way anything not amazing could come from such a place. Kind of makes you want to pack it all in. Dw, I won't for a while, the wine will still come. A focus on Italianette varieties and sustainability has put Momento Mori at the forefront of Australian production. The wines are stunning. Enough said.

Something from across the ditch too. A first foray for us. Sorry for the delay, it wasn't personal my Kiwi brothers and sisters. It's a pretty good start too. Ash Barrowman is clearly one to watch if these wines are anything to go by. She spend time working with the likes of Morel, Labet and Herzog over this way, before heading back to Marlborough. You probably know this part of the world for the fairly insipid lake of never ending Sauvignon Blanc that finds it's way onto the shelves at the majority of places you can buy wine. There's more though, when you get out of the valleys you find some of the best viticultural land in New Zealand. All farming is bio, and winemaking hands off. She makes bugger all, like single barrel bugger all, so it's great to get some. Happy consumption.

Ripper of a day, isn't it! 

Have a good one!