by Megan Jones

g'day. It's me today.

I'll keep this one relatively short and to the point. As I was reminded last week, between 10-11 on a Tuesday you're probably receiving a myriad of relatively boring wine related emails from whoever you've given your email to. So let's dial in on the chat.

Last week I arrived at work all bright-eyed (not bushy-tailed as that would probably involve having hair), ready to go and taste the best new arrivals from Georgia and Slovenia, two areas we're looking to up our intake/output of/in. So we strolled into the room and saw an ex-Somm/wine educator turned winemaker/farmer pouring his new wines and it became apparent that we had in fact walked into the wrong building. All good though. We, being the consummate professionals that we are, proceeded to have our names signed off a list they weren't even on, walk the walk, talk the talk and taste the wine. The wines were fkn good. So good that we took a phat chunk of the UK allocation. Today they're all available for you.

The scoop is from Phelan Farm, the pacific coastal property in California now being tended to by Raj Parr. Everything was top end. Elite level vibes. Special mention to the Scythians Palomino which is quite possibly the best white wine to enter my mouth this year. Anyway, quantities are minute, more details on each of their pages. Do the business here.

Loads of other things from the likes of Laurent Tribut, Costadila, Lafon, Coutelou, Peron, etc etc etc have and are going live as we speak/read. What a time to be alive.

Have a good one!