15th November – ALL ABOARD THE BEAUJOLAIS TRAIN + Gramenon + Comando G 🙏

by Daniel Long


Huge week! Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that Thursday the 17th is Beaujolais Nouveau. It seems every man and his dog is coming out with an event, ours quite obviously being the best, so it's a fairly salubrious Thursday to look forward to. Our Beaujolais Ancien event at dan's is completely sold out (over sold...) so we won't be selling any tickets at the door. Best of luck in 2023! Speaking of, we're gonna be throwing a little NYE thingo at dan's too. Details to follow next week. Huge moves.

But let's chat about the here and now. It's another busy day of new arrivals. 

From the region of the moment we've some spine tingling bottlings from both Julie Balagny and Domaine Thillardon fresh on the shelves. Two producers for whom finding a ripping balance between verve and concentration is seemingly child's play. The Balagny wines are a little more edgy, whereas over at Thillardon they are working natty but the booze is ultra clean. Something 4 everyone! Stocks for both are very slim........ Do your worst.

Staying in France, and moving to a producer who can do pretty much nothing wrong in my eyes. Domaine Gramenon. We've just received a tiny amount of La Belle Sortie, and my love affair continues. This is mostly Grenache, with a splash of Syrah rounding things out. Stupidly good drinking. Here you go!

Last but not least... one of my favourite allocations to receive each year, and one of the more painful to distribute hehe. Comando G, who have rightly managed to position themselves at the pinnacle of modern Spanish winemaking with their Burgundy like (in both feel and classification) Grenache bottlings from the Gredos. Prices for these are nuts, so you've been warned. Bugger all is left. First in best dressed sort of thing.


Cya round xxx