10th November – THIRSTY THURSDAY 😾 Fresh South Africa + Skinsy Icons

by Megan Jones


Here we are again. When it rains, it pours, as they say. The shops' bulging atm, we're expanding in every direction and the good stuff keeps rolling in and out. We love to pack boxes, it's what gives us the ultimate fulfillment in this game, so please keep up your good work. It's been truly admirable. Scary how good you all are.

Let's whet the appetite then. A massive re-stock of upper echelon skinsy gear arrived yesterday. We don't mess around. New vintages of Gravner are finally here, joining a massive reload on Radikon. We also sell Princic, because it's important to keep the holy triumvirate of extended maceration winemaking together. These are a meal and a journey all on their own. Wines of ponderance. Funnily enough we're also pouring Radikon Slatnik, from magnum, by the glass this weekend at dan's. Good times, cya there. Go turbo!

South Africa, besides being home to some of the most painful sporting teams to watch, is also home to some of the better winemakers I've come across, who also happen to be pretty good blokes and sheilas. The quality level is through the roof, and the prices are no where near as punchy as their Euro counterparts. Makes you think, hey. Anyway, say hi to Thorne and Daughters. I've been sitting on these for a while, only just getting around to listing them, which is poor from me. So sorry about that. We tasted the range a few months ago, they were spanking, and my notes are glowing. John's a good man too. He's back in January to host a tasting at dan's, more info on that later in the month. Back to today, and what could be in your glass tomorrow. Properly grown, unmanipulated expressions of some SA stalwarts (Chenin Blanc) and some more obscure (Semillon Gris?). These will appeal to fans of medium bodied whites, full of energy, coupled with savoury veering fruit and beautiful phenolic grip (the lightly drying feeling). Ripping collection, stoked to finally get them into mouths. Do your worst here.

As I said, the range is pumping atm. So go on, have a little scroll.

Cya round xxx