7th July – 😋 Thirsty Thursday Is Here! New Suavia, New Bibi Graetz, July Tasting Tickets, Bloody Oath!

by Megan Jones


Almost like it's clockwork, Thursday has arrived, and with it the need for hydration. So, as you wish, hydrate we shall. Remember, if you're outside of London, enjoying that gentle rolling countryside or otherwise, you'll need to order before 2:30pm today to get the good stuff for the weekend. Londoners, there is salvation, we deliver on Saturday as standard. No worries!

I know earlier this week we had a heavily Italian focus, and guess what, some things don't change. Maybe it's because I recently returned from living the dolce vita or maybe it's just a fortunate twist of fate. Either way, things are fine. We're graced by several new barnstormers, keen to sort you out. 

But I'll start at the bottom whilst I still have your undivided. Welcome to Summer Daze... on Tuesday the 19th we'll be opening up five wines that'll make you smile over the warmer months. Tickets are on sale now, and have already started moving, so pls, help yourself and jump on board. It'll be the usual format. A bit of chat, plenty of swirling and a few snacks. Grab a spot here.

Suavia make rather suave Soave up in the Veneto. If all else fails I'm considering a career in literature. These are odd shaped bottles that aren't overly friendly to the standard fridge, but the contents more than make up for this. Two wines from this lot to chat about. We'll start with the Massifitti, which is Trebbiano, the good Trebbiano (di Soave). It's mineral laden and rasping in a good way, a thirst quenching yet moreish way. Onto Monte Carbonare, which sounds like carbonara and would do pretty well beside one. Soave Classico, this is a ripper. This will become a bit of a stalwart . Now I've found it here, I won't be letting it go. Suavia wines are now available here, and I'd suggest one of each if you know what's good for you.

Onto some wines I used to stock mum and dads fridge with, with the sole purpose being that I'd have something to drink when I wandered over for sustenance. Priced in a way that means you can sneak them in under the radar, these Bibi Graetz wines punch big time. Fruit from organic vineyards throughout Tuscany goes into the Casamatta range, with ferments in stainless steel focussing on bringing out primary fruit. Bangers which ever what you look at it. Do it here.

KK that's me, happy being.