5th July – FORZA! Fresh Vini Sassara + Tiberi 🇮🇹 + Mon AMI 🇫🇷 Cult Burgs....

by Megan Jones


Every month I count the stock and every month I say to myself, probably take it easy on the buying this month, and every month I taste something else that needs buying and buy I do. Fortunately I have you all, owners of supreme taste and appreciation. It's truly a blessing. So here we find ourselves, rolling into July, with another shit tonne of fresh vintages, mature Burgundy and other riff raff being unpacked, repacked, shipped and delivered. It's not all sunshine and 40 degree trips to Sicily for me, I do get some work done, I promise...

Enough average chat mate, you're probably thinking, what's this new vintage stuff you're on about? Here you go.

Remember Vini Sassara? That playful Veneto based lot making wines of all colours, flavours and styles? They're back, in a big way. We've just, like literally a minute ago, received all the 2021's. Talk about a rainbow. You need shades on in the shop today. Sassara are based in Bardolino, home to a far more playful expression of Veneto varieties than we're used to. Power to them. These are effortless in every sense, joyous on the nose, endlessly pleasurable in the mouth. Grab some here! YAY!

Staying in Italy. Good old Tiberi! Vini Artigianali indeed. These are some of me personal faves when I feel like getting/drinking a little weird. High acid, natural expressions of native Umbrian varieties are on show here. A couple of fizzers, some skinsy stuff and a rosso that should take up squatters rights in your fridge this summer. These never last long, so you'd be best advised to make moves right here.

Moving to Burgundy because what even is the cost of living? Domaine AMI make some half decent wine that I usually try to drink at home when I'm feeling lucky. So it's a true pleasure to finally have some on the website! The 2019 Bourgogne Blanc features quite possibly the best modern French label I've seen, with the juice to back it up. It's pretty rare to find a maker of whites and reds in these parts of equal aptitude, yet that's what we have here. Summer is sorted, at last! More notes on the individual wines r available here.

Finally for today. A real special treat. Some mature Marc Colin wines, and by some I mean not much. Every now and then I scour a price list and a name pops up that I've been missing since leaving Australia. It sounds counterintuitive but access to things like this and ability to drink them was higher down under. Horses for courses. Anyway, if you like Chardonnay then you'll like these and even if you don't think you like Chardonnay I reckon you'll like these as there's no mention of Chardonnay on the label and they are sublime things. 6 bottles in total spread across two wines can be got right 'ere. Take them before I do, please. 

There's a few special things going on by the glass at dan's this week.... some 2014 white Burgs + a few iconic Italian natties. It's gonna be hot, so get here.