28th June – Happy Cornelissen Day! New Susucaru + Munjebel has finally landed 💋

by Megan Jones


Just the sole wine email this week, and what an email it is, what a week it is, in fact. Whilst I melt down in Southern Sicily, some things from up on Etna have landed in London. Rare things. Serendipity at it's finest! Don't worry, it's not all sweating for me though, there is also some work involved. Visits to Arianna Occhipinti and COS today, a bit of sweet talking to see if we can't land some larger allocations next year. Work Work Work Work Work! And a bit of a drink!

Ok, less about me, more about how we can help you. 

In the world of trendy wine, there's a lot that just aren't actually very good. These are not that. Believe it or not, these wines did exist before being mentioned on a certain tv program by a certain muppet... Was that mean? 

The 2020 Covid influenced vintage Susucaru and Munjebel Rosso have finally landed, after what feels like and eternity and several hundred questioning emails. Unfortunately there's never gonna be enough to go around, such is life, so I'd recommend jumping on asap if these are your go-to pleasure providers. 

When it rains, it pours. The 2018 Contrada wines have also graced us with their presence. There was no Magma made in 18, so the fruit has been blended down the chain. These are far more ethereal in nature than what we've come to expect from Mr Frank. It was cooler in these parts, so acidities are elevated and alcohols lower than the norm. Two bonuses in my book, such is the propensity of previously fine boned wines to suddenly come in all jacked up. A set of wines that will provide phenomenal drinking experiences. More details notes are available on each product page.

All the new Frank Cornelissen Wines are available here, and will ship immediately. Happy Hunting!