5th January – HEAVY LIFTING 💪

by Megan Jones


Usually January's a bit more chill, but from the looks of things, we're just gonna keep on pumping it out. All thanks to you! Last year was magical, this year is going to be even more so.

So over here in wineland the boxes keep coming in and then going out again and then getting delivered to your doorstep. Ample re-stocks to savour atm, and ample new things to get geared up for in the short term. We're all about those short term goals.

But today is all about immediate satisfaction. So, some of the highlights from our box shifting this week thus far.

Valot is back! Scintillating light to medium reds from one to watch in Beaujolais. That effortless flow that we all need rn.

Simon Bize is also back on the books, with new releases that aren't new releases in that they hold the wine in cellar a lil longer so it's that much more ready 2 go on release. God like.

Heaps more Chavy-Chouet if you feel like having roast chook.

Our Sicilian stocks took a massive hit over the festive period, but it's all good because a veritable flood of COS just rolled in. Bangers all round.

More Fidele from the good folk at Vouette et Sorbee over in Champers. Because it's good and because why not.

Basically, if you want it, we probably have it, and if we don't we can get it.

Now, you go get it.