2nd August – It's Litrozzo Time! + More, Enviably Chillable Reds + Alfresco Seating 👀

by Megan Jones


Incredible news today for lovers of 1000ml bottles of wine. More on that later. Bigger news for those who like to sit on the Dalston Riviera, sipping on nice things and nibbling on nice things too. We've won the neighbours over, the council too. The great outdoors at dan's will roughly triple in size this week. Just in time for London's greatest summer weather, early to mid twenties, some breeze and a touch of intermittent cloud cover. Nice when things just line up isn't it. *touches wood* cya this weekend then...

Sorry for the interlude, I was just so excited!

Back onto liquid things. 

Le Coste + Litrozzo. Two things synonymous with bags of ice and sitting on a picnic blanket or area of dried out grass. Grass being a stretch. Good to look at, good to drink. These fellas offer a much more crowd friendly introduction to the iconic wines of this Gradoli based operation. Stocks are limited, as usual, and they have already been moving quick from the fridges in the shop. Bianco + Rosato + Rosso are available. So you'll want to swoop, and swoop fast. Grab one or two or even three here.

So that just leaves us with chillable reds. Finally. Two wines that we've been sampling through the bar to great acclaim, fending off constant requests/demands for the remaining bottles to be sold as takeaway. NO! Not yet! Not until right now anyway. The wines in question? Andert Wein's Zweigelt and Vinateros Bravos Volcanico Cinsault. Two bottles providing that combination of moreish fruit and refreshing texture that we need in times like this. Even better that they both come in sub £20, and even even better better that the Andert is a litre bottle too. Someone, somewhere has done something right. You are welcome.


Off you trot then.