28th July – Natty Rosé FTW + A Mega Tiny Tscheppe Offer 👻

by Megan Jones


I'm back, physically at least. Thanks for your patience whilst I drunk Paris dry earlier this week, product research and all that. Things are now operating at roughly 99% and your wine is on the way, if not already on hand. 

As for today. 

We've subconsciously been loading up on the natty pink stuff of late. The majority of things that pass my lips have been tasting too right to say no to. The section on Natty Boy, as well as the rapidly expanding shelf at dan's, have been getting major foot traffic, and are bursting at the seams. It's a perfect storm (great movie too). Anyway, with piss from Le Coste, Andrea Occhipinti, Barret, Viola, Ponce etc etc floating around, there's never been a better time. Have your time here.

The allocations keep coming, although they also keep shrinking. Not sure what that says about me? Andreas Tscheppe today. Two bottles only 😂 first in best dressed. Good luck. Right here.

Ok that's us!