29th September – Thirsty Thursday 😋 Merch + Non-Abv + Dalston Wine Mile FINAL TICKETS

by Megan Jones


Apologies for the lack of a Tuesday email. I know many of you will have been upset and set off balance by my apparent laziness. I was at 38,000ft, and it turns out cattle class isn't ideal for whipping out the laptop. Weird that. Need to have a word with the accountant. Anyway, I'm now somewhat over the jetlag, as I write to you at 5am Sydney time, pounding headache and all. A few bottles were laid to rest last night, the stash is well and truly getting a work out. 

Less about me, more about what I can do for you. As I'm sure you're all aware, the wine situation is well and truly under control, so today my written diarrhoea is a little different. 

Firstly. How good is Merch? Secondly, how good is Dan's? Combine the two..... 🤤 

Some lovely, unique merch has just landed, and we're literally giving some of it away, if you load up the cellar. So, valid until Monday, here's how it works. 

Orders over £120 will receive a free t-shirt

Orders over £180 will receive a free long sleeve t

Orders over £225 will receive a free jumper/sweater whatever you call it

Just lemme know in the order notes section at checkout your size and colour. We'll choose the design based on numbers. 

Capeesh? All the merch is now on sale on the website, right here.

Finally, a wine based alternative that isn't essentially bore water. I've loaded up on Wednesday's Domain. It's pretty good, good for the head too. Available here and now pouring by the glass at the bar. 

Off you trot.

xxx miss you already.