22nd September – Thirsty Thursday 😋 It's Effortless Red Wine Season

by Megan Jones


Been searching/working/tasting a fair bit recently, looking for some inspirational booze to flesh out the red section now that I wake up to the pattering of Rupert's paws and it's still dark. Those days... I know... Fortunately for you all I have a supreme nose, because here are some goodies. 

I used to have an unconscious bias against the Saffas. Probably down to years of watching relatively unwatchable rugby. This unfortunately extended into wine, where upon tasting Pinotage during my days studying I was confronted with a tidal wave of burnt rubber. How times change, in many respects. Now, when I taste with the new wave of SA winemakers I'm blown away by the supreme technical knowledge and commitment to producing clean yet minimal intervention wines. So enamored was I, that I even bought some Pinotage. £ 4 £ South Africa is the go-to for sub £25 bottles. End of. It doesn't even hurt me to say that.

On that note. Wine.

Scions of Sinai. Quirky name, and not even Egyptian. This is the producer of that Pinotage. It's unlike any I have had the misfortune of tasting. Lithe, fresh and spice driven. Deserving of a spot in the fridge. He also makes one blended with Cinsault. It's also tasty. It's all good, trust me.

Johan Meyer, the bloke behind the Mother Rock/Force Celeste wines, also cruised through last week. His own gear was looking suitably delicious, as you'd expect, and we've finally got some of the 20's in. Here's a fella who knows a thing or two about skinsy wine. He gave the most comprehensive explanation of the reasoning behind extended maceration I've ever heard. It should be required reading for a few others who shall remain nameless... That Force Celeste Semillon is something else. It's like an alcoholic Solo. Phenomenal. Check them all out here, ok?

Off to France now.

Gamay land. Romuald Valot. You've heard it here before, but I simply must say it again. 2021 was tough. There's hardly any fruit and it's a vintage in most parts that is gonna favour those who are quality minded and have a deft touch. Exhibit A right here. I tasted a lot of wine on Tuesday, most of it was trendy but not that good. These two, as well as the one to follow, were standouts. Beautiful, declassified expressions of several Beaujolais Cru's right here. Truly effortless. Try them on for size.

Finally. Cabernet Franc from Bejon. Drink on sight. Textbook without any of the boredom. That's all I need to say.

Orders by 2:30pm for weekend satisfaction as per.

xxx miss you already.