4th October – Coupla New Zingers 😇 Paolo Bea + Dario Princic R Here

by Megan Jones


How are we? Geez there's some decent wine in Australia. Good thing that's what we're pouring at the Dalston Wine Mile on the 15th... 3 spots left, details at the bottom. Thursday will see one of my favourite producers wines finally offered on Natty Boy. What a time. I've got a couple of older bottles staring at me from across the room right now, it's almost dinner time out here. But that's better left for later.

Onto today's things.

A couple of Italian Stallions par excellence. 

Paolo Bea! Umbria is a pretty stunning place, but it's wine reputation lags far behind it's central Italian neighbours. Paolo Bea is changing that. Blessed with mature vineyards and an emphasis on producing quality, real wine that speaks of place and grape. Not cheap, but cheap for what they are, which are some of the best red wines being produced in Italy at present. Bit of age on them too. The cool weather never looked so bloody good. Have a gander here.

Moving north, we now complete the holy trinity of Italo-Slovenian Skinsy Gods. Whip out the hymn books, Dario Princic is here. As with neighbours Radikon and Gravner, the methodology here is simple. Meticulous working of vineyards by hand, followed by extended macerations and extended elevage. The results are transcendent. I can only apologise for not having listed the wines sooner. I was trying this controlled business growth thing, but now I'll give into temptation, this is just the beginning. We've taken a raft of mature things from across the skin contact expanse. My tip? One of each, a decent group, bust them all open, have a nice time. Line them up here.

Thanks for reading, thanks for being you.

xxx miss you already.