22nd March – Sun's Got Some Bite Finally! Go-to Chilled Reds + New Skinsy Things for a PERFECT Spring 👅

by Megan Jones


Grass is looking green and flowers are bringing some colour. The really long grey period is coming to a close! Huzzah! Following a third winter of questioning exactly why I gave up the beach for this, I'm remembering just why. 

This in between period where the sun's got bite, but you don't get burnt and the wind is fresh-as calls for a couple of things in particular.... chilled reds and skin contact wines with presence. Good thing I've got both in spades. I'm gonna give a quick word to three of them now, but you can view the whole lot here.

In no real order...

Marcobarba Rosso - a playful little guy that comes from the effortlessly playful region of Bardolino. This sits just off the Veneto (home to Valpolicella et al and some enviable soils of volcanic origin), facing Lake Garda, so things could be worse. Energetic is an understatement here, the acid line just bubbles along, keeping things very interesting. 

Delinquente NND - all the way from back home. Nero d'Avola and Negroamaro aren't two varieties you'd naturally assume would make a light, crisp red. But what would I know. Full of fruit and amaro like spice, this is a ripper. Perfect BBQ foil.

Marnes Blanches Poulsard - when I first started the business, and was sampling the wares during the funtime that was the sort of Summer 2020 we had a bottle of this chilled down with some pizza in the garden. A revelation. Most things coming out of this Domaine kick goals, there's such vibrancy on display. This'll take you on a magnificent journey. Get a pizza.

Onto some SKINSY news. Fresh 2021's from Finca Casa Balaguer are here, finally. It's been a long separation from some of the saltiest wine I sell. I wanna specifically chat about the Salicornio wines, produced from vineyards within the La Mata Natural Park down near Alicante. Vines are pretty much in the sea, getting far more coastal than any of us in recent times. These bad boys spend a bit of time in concrete, with flor yeast growing, allowing some sherry-like character to permeate. Savoury experiences to be had. Check out all their gear right here.

Anyway, off 2 pack orders. Have a lovely day.

k bye.
ily xxx