22nd February – A Francophiles 💦 Dream + Mascarello ⚡ Happy Tuesday!

by Megan Jones


I write to you from the platform at Gare du Nord, racing back to get wines shipped off to thirsty drinkers far and wide. How's it going? I'm good thanks. As I stuff my face with one final pastry and put the impending gout out of mind it seems only fitting to run through a few of new arrivals from the continent. 

Whenever I come here I always scour the list for a couple of names that for some unfortunate reason don't make it across the ditch. The first, and most relevant today is l'Anglore. These are some of the most vital wines produced anywhere, with a texture that brings tears to my eyes. Whilst there are some of these wines now rattling around in my suitcase, I don't want to start a riot. So they aren't for sale. What is for sale however, is the nearest thing I've seen in quite a while...

G'day Mouressipe. I guess it shouldn't come as much surprise that one of Pfifferlings disciples is producing wine eerily similar to the man himself. Lucky us! Anywho. These are true vins naturels, like true true. Transparent and transportational rather than pointlessly brett riddled and pointlessly funky. What a relief for a fatigued taster at present. This is a wonderful time of year, with new releases flooding the market but it's also an unfortunate reminder that there's a lot of crap floating around too. These are stunners, although they do require consumption in one sitting. Blow your mind here.

Continuing on this southern French flow, welcome to Mas Theo too. These are slightly more wine budget friendly but no less delicious. The Mogul in particular had me writing glowing notes that I have since misplaced, as seems to happen with all the wine notes I ever write. Waste of paper. These wines offer a good amount of personality, plenty of freshness, and will become certain starters on the by the glass list at dan's. Sort yourselves out here.

Future Unicorn Hunters Assemble! There's a few more wines from Domaine Belargus now available. Probably worth getting in now for when these wines are eventually on allocation and unbuyable. Just a hint....

Finally. One for the purists. I saw these on a list recently and it was very much buy on sight. oh, Mascarello. Supreme Nebbiolo. The Nebb section in general is hotting up big time atm, a pleasureable sight as we edge through the back end of winter. We busted open a bottle of the Langhe 2017 in the bar on Saturday night. Just because. I had every intention of saving some to revisit this week, such is it's staying power and developmental intrigue. Fools errand though. The bottle lasted all of 2 hours. Just couldn't stop myself "tasting" and "learning". Taste and learn too here.

That's it from me. Have an episode of Love is Blind to watch.

ily xxx