24th February – Thirsty Thursdays 😈 Nebbi-YOLO 😂 Henri Bonneau, 2020 Breton Morgon + More

by Megan Jones


Hope things are good. I'm excited. Are you? Good things await. Good things come to those that wait. 

It's a fruitful time to be a consumer of very good wine (piss), February. New releases aplenty. Terrible time to be a wallet, but who cares.

Anyway, onto more important matters. Like describing wine in a way that's both accessible and undeified yet educational and thought out. What an unacceptable balance... So... Horrific time to be a bottle of Nebbiolo anywhere near me. My dad recently said there's a reason my Grandpa used to trek it out to Sydney in Feb, it's just a shocking month to be over here. I'm starting to see that. Fortunately we have the Piemontese and their local brethren up in Valtellina. I just went ahead and created a section on the website to conveniently allow for perusal, otherwise this email would be unsustainably gushing and you'd not get any work done today. In no particular order... fresh wines from Produttori del Barbaresco, Bartolo Mascarelo, Giuseppe Mascarelo, Ar Pe Pe, Nervi-Conterno and Barbacan. Some of the prices are scary, some are friendly. Wine can be scary and friendly. BOO! Hi!

Continuing in the upper echelons. I've been asking for Henri Bonneau on and off for the best part of a year. Finally got me some Henri Bonneau. Proper Fan Boy booze here. Unfortunately the great man has passed, but the joy lives on. Chateauneuf du Pape doesn't get better. It also doesn't get much more expensive, so instead of boring you with wine notes for something costing £300+ I've a present. Something 1/6th the price! You're welcome. Les Rouliers! Multi-vintage, essentially a CNDP Vin de Soif. My days. I've kept some of this for me. Cannot wait to bust one open. Dreamy! Get One!

Some new Breton! Had the Regnie on BTG at dan's the other week. People were gushing. Well here's the real deal. 2020 Morgon. Snap it up, cus 2021 is a non-event. Hard pressed to find something better to drink this weekend. Spoil yourself here.

And Finally! A purse friendly Sangiovese that's also nose friendly, mouth friendly and pizza friendly. This comes from Castello Romitorio, a half decent Brunello producer. This is a winner. Monday-Friday sorted, maybe even Saturday-Sunday. Something for everyone innit. Get one here.


KK CYA Things 2 Do, PPL 2 See.

Come down the bar maybe. Friday/Saturday last week was thumping. Same again this week pls. Rather good booze on btg, and all your faves by the bottle.

ily xxx