17th February – 🎉 HAPPY BDAY TO ME! + Stunning New Italian White Woineeee + Free Saturday Tasting + New Spanish Nattysssss

by Megan Jones

Happy Birthday To ME!

Happy Birthday To ME!

Happy Birthday To ME!

I'll be honest, most of this week has been spent scouring lists for things that I want to drink tonight. The beneficial by-product of this being a couple of freshies that'll get the pulses racing. Two such will be on the free pour this Saturday from 1pm. A couple of Southern Italian gems. Serious booze at a pretty accessible price all things considered. More on this and those at the bottom.

Let's start today in France and work our way down to the Med. Sounds alright. A big warm one to Domaine Ostertag. I've been a fan for a while, eyeing them off from a distance like some sort of vinous creep. Maybe I thought I had too much Riesling already. Stupid me. These just arrived, and I'm already about to rip the cork out of one. You could too.

Onto Spain now. Some new booze out of Penedès. Say hello to Project SIN. Sin as in "without", meaning no adds. These are meant to be smashed, and need to be drunk in one sitting. But I imagine that won't be an issue after tasting them. Vibrant, refreshing and pure fruited are your key words. Have a go at them here.

And finally, down to good old Southern Italy. Campania to be specific. Up in the hills outside of Pizza territory. MMMM. These two wines are going to be open on Saturday, so those of you in London feel free to swing by for a free tasting. Anyway. Some of Italy's best white wines here. Ciro Picariello has been doing the good thing since the 90's, developing his Fiano skills. Minimal intervention wines that taste clean! So much elegance on offer here. Do yourselves a favour.

So! AS much as I cbf working today, put me to work. Orders by 2pm for weekend wine satisfaction pls.

ily xxx