20th September – Natty Boys Top 6 💕 4 A Good Time This Autumn + The Dalston Wine Mile

by Megan Jones


People often ask me, what should we be drinking atm. Here's my answer, valid for the remainder of Autumn. Then you'll need to ask me again, and I'll give you another answer. 

Jean Foillard Fleurie - one of the certified Masters of Morgon, a bottle of Foillard should be on each and every natty fan's cult wine hit list. But it's not just Morgon, he's also shown the deft touch extends to the slopes of Fleurie with this bottling that combines classic Foillard depth with classic Fleurie lift. You know how sometimes you want something that's bright and beautiful but also has a bit of grunt under the hood? Here it is.

Julian Haart Mosel Riesling - not quite natty but who cares as it's pretty bloody good. Want a wine with plenty of cut and thrust but also some sweet, sweet fruit on the bone but also remains dry and effortless to consume? So effortless that you may require a second bottle? Haart is your guy. Everything this bloke touches when it comes to rizza turns out just fine. It's quite a skill. I love him...

Les Funambules Soif! - imagine if cider and pet-nat had a baby? Can you see it? If you can't, then this is for you. 

Daniel Bouland Morgon Delys - back to Beaujolais. Bouland is like a winemaking steady eddy. I honestly can't rememeber ever having a bad bottle, which is saying something as I've had a few (both Boulands and badies). Mr Consistency is a bit more classically styled, perfect for when you've got the in-laws/out-laws in tow.

COS Nero di Lupo - ah, COS. Another producer who can do no wrong in these eyes. Insanely expressive yet drinkable iteration of the Sicilian workhorse Nero d'Avola here. It's like a really gentle cuddle yet seamlessly invigorating. What a combo.

Casa Balaguer Salicornio Malvasia - finally, something skinsy. This is a complete no-brainer. Everyone who we ever recommend this to comes back with glossy eyes, it's that good. Salty, moreish, the right amount of grip. Salivating over here.

P.S. The Dalston Wine mile tickets are shifting with gathering pace. Not one to miss, surely. More info via the link below.

Ok that's all today. I ahve to go figure out what to wear! It seems shorts, t's and birks season is over.
xxx miss you already.