19th April – 🌞 Time to Restock: We're Doing It By The Litre + The Spring White Hit List

by Megan Jones


Recovered? I'd image the "cellar" took a decent hit over the weekend? Mine certainly did. Fortunately I am surrounded by wine as we speak, and fortunately you could be surrounded by wine again in the very near future. 

A few people have been asking for SS reco's, so rather than play favourites and keep my secrets to a small group I've just created a brand spanking new section on the website. Your SS22 hitlist is right here. Bottles that'll be doing a high rotation on my dining table, the park and in the bar. This is full of fizz, whites, pinks and skinsy things. Do your worst.

Still doing that red wine thing? These guys do well chilled, because no one wants warm red wine in the sun. Or maybe you do, in which case they'll also do well getting warmed up in the sun. We don't leave anyone out here.

The perfect format does exist. Good wine's always better by the litre. It is a fact. You can check it. High millage drinking has never been better. Good for 3 nights solo, or great for a quick session between mate. You know how 750ml is never quite enough but a second bottle may be pushing it? Problem solved. You're welcome.