19th May – 😇 Must B In Natty Heaven! New Momento Mori, Nikau Farm, Clos du Tue-Boeuf and many, many more

by Megan Jones


My folks just departed back to more southerly climes, leaving behind their travelling stash of vegemite. Peak Aussie Boomer on Tour. So I've just nibbled on some Vegemite toast for the first time in too long, which leaves me pretty well placed to introduce some (more) new arrivals...

You know good old Dane from Momento Mori? Well there's been a restock and newstock. Judging by how quickly these wines usually move I don't need to explain how good they are. Rather I'll just highlight a couple of the newbies that are unfortunately ultra low stocked. First, etc etc. A wine that's about as far away from your traditional Australian red wine as one could find themselves, and so much better for it. Drinks more like Jura or Loire, low alcohol, stupidly expressive, complex and refreshing at the same time. Wow. I also just received my allocation of Nikau Farm... a 4 bottle allocation. I must be doing something right... this is the home block gear from Dane and Hannah. All done by hand, from vineyard work to the bottling. Yields are tiny, they make 500 bottles each vintage, and the wines are mesmerising. You look at photo's of the place (here) and it's self evident that nothing bad could ever come from such a place. Stoked to have these. First in best dressed. All the new stuff, and old stuff is available here.

Onto another fast mover. Clos du Tue-Boeuf. What wines! The Vin Rouge is currently pouring at dan's as the chilled red, and it's truly something to behold. The Puzelat brothers are upper echelon Natural. Modern Kings of the Loire Valley. Responsible, amongst the likes of Metras, Dard et Ribo et al for kickstarting the whole movement back in the 90's. They know how to make wine and that shows in the glass and in your mouth. They make a bamboozling array of wines, of which I have most of. We're red heavy atm, which is totally fine as they do very well chilled, and the remaining varietal whites will be arriving when it actually gets hot. Don't be scared though, there's some Vin Blanc to whet your appetite. The whole lot are available here, with more comprehensive notes on specific wines too, as they require a bit of explanation. 

FYI By The Glass at the bar this weekend is nuts. Ochota Barrels, Tue-Boeuf, Corregia, COS, Paquet etc etc etc... good times await.

Also, tickets to the Momento Tasting in June are likely gonna be sold out by the weekend. So if you're uming and ahing, don't um and ah for much longer...

Finally, a refresher. Although we pack boxes and work like dogs 24/7, the courier partners need some me time. So cut-off times for pre-weekend delivery outside of London is 2:30pm today (Thursday), and inside London we're fortunate to offer Saturday delivery as standard, so you've until 2:30pm on Friday. What a time we live in/drink in.