24th May – 👀 Fresh Arrivals from Occhipinti + Fresher Arrivals from Gentle Folk. You're Welcome.

by Megan Jones


I won't tell you where I am, that would just be rude. What I can tell you is that I'm hunting down new wines for you all, with some success. Exciting times await, in both the short and medium term. For now though, lets focus on immediacy, and a raft of new releases that just washed up from warmer shores. 

Let's kick off with an iconic, fan favourite from Sicily, Arianna Occhipinti. As is becoming the case with far too many wines for my liking, her outstanding il Frappato is now on allocation. Meaning I've had to fight fellow merchants for a measly 24 bottles. That's it. Stupid. So yeah, bugger all available, which is a shame as the 2020 is pretty bloody good. I guess the fight is now all yours. In slightly better news there's good stocks of the SP68 range. It seems somewhat bizarre to label wines of this quality and personality as entry level, yet entry level is what they are for Arianna's range. If more people started like this we'd be in some sort of vinous wonderland, but alas, it can't all be perfect. All these wines are now available here, including some back vintage Contrada Frappato for those that are into back vintage, single vineyard Frappato from perhaps the best producer of such wines.

I'll tell ya what, it's hard to feel homesick when the sun is shining over here and for the third week running there's some new arrivals from down under to chat about. That and the fact that I have a steady supply of VB and Tim Tams. 

Happy Tuesday everyone, the 2021 'Village' gear from Gentle Folk is ready to quench thirsts. These wines speak of an evolving level of complexity and seriousness, a shift more in the Ochota direction. Wines that speak of variety, place, proper farming and judicious winemaking. A graduation from basket range natty boy to Adelaide Hills elite perhaps. I can remember tasting the 'Village' range when it wasn't actually a range, just a sole Pinot Noir. You could see the potential and it's wonderful to see the wines now flourish. These are some of the more serious bottles emerging from the Australian natural scene, worth cellaring if you have a cellar but also worth drinking if you have a mouth and a thirst. 6 bottles of each are available here. After that then they're gone.

Oki Doki, that's it from me, there's a car to drive and an appointment to make and also a sea to swim in. Never fear, orders are shipping as per, you're in very safe hands here.