19th July – 😈 Cute Jura Packs Featuring Ganevat, Bornard, Dolomies, Buronfosse...

by Megan Jones


Today's email you'll find pretty short and sweet. Obvious reasons aside I had the pure joy of getting home from Gatwick Airport at 5am today, a journey that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Some very, very special arrivals are due in tomorrow, so if you're lucky enough to score one of the packs, it'll be shipped post-main-heat-wave.

An allocation I look forward to receiving every year, and one that keeps dwindling significantly but perhaps increasing in quality. A warm G'day to Ganevat and Bornard. G'day m8's! There's no really fair way of allocating an allocation so small this year, so I've made some delicious three packs to share the love around. You'll find the ultra-trendy piss alongside two bottles of things that I think you should be drinking. These packs are available right here, it's first in best dressed, and when they are gone they are gone because there isn't any more.

Whilst I have the optimum faith in the operational capacities of our lovely courier partners, it is pretty warm, so if you order today I'll be flicking around some emails to see whether you want the wine held until tomorrow. A hot delivery van will fry some of the more fragile gear, and as much as well all love some red wine vinegar, today's not the day.

Be cool, socks in the freezer ;)