21st July – The Busch Is Back! + New Mother Rock + More Arnot-Roberts + More Life 👌

by Megan Jones


Me again, Thursday again too. Hope you're thirsty, cus I am. In my personal experience, being from somewhere where hot temps happen on the reg, the shoulder of the heatwave is the best time to send it. That happens to be right now. So, some half decent news on the bar front. The council have come to the party, and we've now got use of the great outdoors until 10pm, and from this Sunday, we're gonna be open on Sundays. Sunday Sesh. 2-8pm, short and sharp, with £5 corkage. No excuse to not line up the big guns. Cya there. 

Onto more pressing matters. 

Fresh supplies from Mosel demi-Gods Clemens Busch have landed. After what feels like an eternity without my lovely little stash of Riesling Trocken life is now complete again. The bad news? There's hardly any available. Grab some here, or risk joining me in the long, lustful wait for the next vintage.

The upper echelon South African gear continues to flood in. Mother Rock / Force Celeste are back! Effortless Natty Consumption. Unfiltered, unadulterated liquid courage. We've got some Liquid Skin, and some naughty Semillon + Chenin Blanc to splash around, as well as a re-stock of that dangerously chillable Cinsault. Your weekend has never looked so promising. DO IT.

Looking west across the ocean, and then further west still across a fair bit of nothingness, we reach the Californian Coastal Mountains. We reach Arnot-Roberts. We reach vinous heaven. More Chardonnay has just landed, more Rosé, more Syrah too. Not cheap, but rip snorters all round. My special me time go-to things. They could b yours too...

Remember, orders by 2:30pm for delivery pre-weekend. 

We're taking a short break early next week, and by short break I mean I'm going to Burgundy and Paris to lose a few brain cells. Orders placed after 2:30pm Friday will not be processed until Wednesday, for delivery on Thursday. 

Bye, Ciao.