14th July – Thirsty Thursdee! Razor Sharp Germans + Summer Daze Tasting

by Megan Jones


How goods Ouzo? I write to you today from a Greek Island, it's blowing a gale and I am feeling it. None of these things will stop me introducing a couple of absolute zingers. Wines that're right in my wheelhouse, with refreshment properties largely unmatched in our known world. 

But first.

The Summer Daze tasting... I've taken the decision to postpone this by two weeks as it's apparently going to be quite hot on the 19th which you may or may not have heard depending on which publication you choose or choose not to read. Tuesday the 2nd of August is our new date. Consider this prep work for what's sure to be an Indian Summer in these parts. Grab a spot here, it'll be salubrious.

Onto those zingers. Proper Schnitzel killers.

Guten Tag Weingut Wittmann. In my day dream state the other day I had thought up some witty introduction with reference to the term Weingut, an introduction/wit that has since deserted me so you'll have to deal with whatever comes next.

I can still feel the acid pulse of my first Wittmann, consumed on a hot summers day in 2017 back in Syd. My first snobbish thought was why are we not drinking Prum, but then the liquid cast a spell and I was forever a changed man. Fast forward five years to the depth of a British winter and an ill advised multi-bottle session at the 10 Cases, which is where you should be drinking should you find yourself either not at dan's, incapable of getting to dan's or unfortunate enough to be in Soho. Wittmann was back on my palate and finally, it's on the website. Rheinhessen royalty here. I've got some Riesling and Weisser Burgunder (Pinot Blanc) for you. If you think you don't like either of those things then I'd urge you to think again. Both available here.

Still in Germany and still talking Riesling as I am wont to do. Julian Haart. More like heart-throb. I've gone on and on about this fella's work before, so this will be relatively short and sweet, although the wines are dry. We've just taken delivery of a new Haart, just in time for the weekend. It's priced to send shockwaves too. Mosel Rizza this time, with all it's green apple greatness. You know what to do, so do it here.

Remember, those who order before 2:30pm get optimum liquid satisfaction over the weekend.