18th August – IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN 😏 The New America, Pink Fizz, Hectic Trousseau...

by Megan Jones


There's an insatiable thirst for nice wine atm. Levels of appreciation never seen before on these humid Isles. I'm around it. You're all clearly around it too. Nice work. When this all started two lovely years ago with 100 or so wines listed it was a bit of a pipe dream to be able to work with several hundred dream producers as we now do. So thanks for that 🥰 just imagine what it's gonna be like next year.... plenty going on behind the scenes.

But, we want immediate satisfaction today, and so onto some things going on in front of the scenes. A good chunk of new booze just rocked up and is ready to rock out.

Welcome to the (Good) Modern America. You won't find any vanilla flavoured red or white wine here. New things from Ruth Lewandowski Wines + Ovum have just joined the likes of Arnot-Roberts and Jolie-Laide in the USA! Section. Have a gander here. Some of the best stuff to come out of the West Coast since Sandy Cohen.

✨ Pink Fizz? Got a bit. Roc Ambulle? Pink Bulles? Rose Secco? A decent whack of Jean Maupertuis just landed in time for the weekend. Do the dash.

MMMMM RED WINE! MMMM LUCIEN AVIET... Fresh Trousseau is no longer a day dream. Two new releases from the Trousseau King™ of Jura are currently taking up residence on the virtual shelves. A firm favourite in these parts, you'll be wanting to click very hard and fast, right here.

Save the date m8s. Sunday 25th September. We're gonna have a little EOS BBQ at dan's. I'll be on the burners, full East London celebrity chef vibes. Think snags and white bread + quite a few very good magnums of wine that I have been buying on the sly being poured generously by the glass. More details to come in the next few.

On Tuesday the 6th of September we're gonna deep dive into wines that come from places that you don't expect them to come from. Come, learn, or just drink and chat. As always, things will be ultra laid back. A bit of rambling and then far more sipping and snacking. Spaces are limited, grab your mates. Tickets available here!