23rd August – Morning! ALT AUSTRIA + A High Acid Re-Stock ⚡

by Megan Jones


R U ON HOLIDAY? Good onya. If said holiday is in the UK and you just realised that whatever quaint setting you find yourself in is shockingly lacking in a place to buy wine that isn't below average I just wanted to remind you that we service the whole of the UK, from Stornoway down to Looe. By we I mean DHL (the best of a horrific bunch), but you get the picture. If your trip happens to be on the continent or further afield then half your luck and we'll see you when you're back ok.

More new wine today, just because. Johanneshof Reinsich. A brilliant name and also a producer of pretty bloody good wine. Hailing from the aptly names Thermenregion just south of Vienna. The Austrian's being well known for the literacy of their naming conventions. It's a south facing suntrap, home to a grape variety that obscure even by continental standards. Rotgipfler is not a word that you need to know, rather it is a wine wine that you need to drink. This fella sits somewhere between a ripe Riesling and new world Chardy. Fruit, reduction and acidity. Well worth a stab if you're into nice wine but also like trying something new like I know most of you are. These three brothers also make some immensely drinkable red wines, deserving of space in your fridge and then glass. If you're a fan of the Judith Beck gear then back up the truck and break out the schnitzel. All the wine is available right here.

Staying in that neck of the woods. One for my fellow Rizza lovers. Everyone should like Riesling. Everyone should try this wine. Forget your preconceptions, try this wine, and if you don't like it I'll personally drop you off at the GP. A re-stock of Julian Haart's HaartRiesling. The bloke literally put his name all over the label, so it's not going to be bad. In a few years us mere mortals won't be able to afford his wines, so drink them now whilst you can, so we've something to look back fondly on. Have a crack here.

On Tuesday the 6th of September we're gonna deep dive into wines that come from places that you don't expect them to come from. Come, learn, or just drink and chat. As always, things will be ultra laid back. A bit of rambling and then far more sipping and snacking. Spaces are limited, grab your mates. Tickets available here!