16th August – Morning! Welcome 2 The Ultra Fresh Saline White Wine Edition 👅 Cota 45, Courault, Chidaine, Salnes....

by Megan Jones


Even I'm happy to see a bit of rain, the greens have been a bit quick for my liking of late. Enough about that though. 

Salty whites. What does that even mean? It's a moreish quality, one that keeps you diving back into the glass, bottle, wine rack for more. Perhaps somewhat predictably, it tends to be a quality imbued upon a wine by grapes grown either by the coast, or on soils that were originally inland sea's back in the day. When dinosaurs roamed etc. There's various words for this around the world, Albariza in Spain and Calcareous in France. Basically these are limestone rich soils, filled with fossils of millennia old ocean life. They give wines of tension and brine like complexity. Both good things if you like nice things. Today is all about salt. 

Chicken Salt? Got some. It's now available online. Here you go.

Bodegas Cota 45... some of the most interesting wines you'll ever consume. The fact that they've produced three separate bottlings of unfortified Palomino from Jerez should tell you all about what these guys are trying to do. Elevated drinking on the cards. Beautiful wines. The perfect aperitif? Grab some here ay!

Fresh arrivals from Benoit Courault.... driving, forceful Chenin Blanc. These fly out the door and out the fridge's in the shop. Move before I do. Move here.

Chidaine? My dude. A re-stock across the board plus a tiny allocation of Les Bournais.... 3 bottles tiny.... do the thing right here.

Forja del Salnes! I tried these in Spain recently during a day of "trying" about a thousand wines. They stayed with me. Now they can stay with you. Unbelievable Albarino that needs to be drunk to be believed. You are welcome!

That's probably enough for one day. Quite a few boxes need to be unpacked!

On Tuesday the 6th of September we're gonna deep dive into wines that come from places that you don't expect them to come from. Come, learn, or just drink and chat. As always, things will be ultra laid back. A bit of rambling and then far more sipping and snacking. Spaces are limited, grab your mates. Tickets available here!