15th February – 💞 New Goodies By The Litre, Italian Icons, German Rizza, General Chit Chat, Hope You're Well!

by Megan Jones

Recovered from yesterday? It's truly a magical sight. Grown men brought to tears by task of choosing flowers. 

Now that's all over, we can focus on the more important things in life. Like nice wine. The gift that keeps on giving to both yourself and those lucky enough to be around you. So here we go.

Ever been to Chile? Me neither. But you may have heard of Itata. It's a bit of a hotbed for emerging producers. Ancient soils of volcanic origin and some stupidly old vines. The climate is perfectly suited to sustainable viticulture too. Win Win. Got some fresh litre bottles from A Los Viñateros Bravos on my hands too, crazy value to be had here. Worth a very long look.

Back to the Old World. I've been seeing signs of spring around town, but as I stare aimlessly out my window and contemplate walking to the shop in the rain today I feel my decision to reload on Italian reds is slightly vindicated. It's also slightly selfish, as this being my birthday week, I have been looking for wines to drink myself. So in a way this is one of those gifting back bday things that Facebook keeps trying to force down my throat.

First up. Arianna Occhipinti. I'm big into the SP68 range. Stupidly good wines. But these fellas are a step up. Nero from 18 (hot year, Nero does well in these) and Frappati from 19 (cooler year, more subtlety). As I was putting these on I was simultaneously arranging flights to Sicily. Need some sun (a work trip). And they say men can't do two things at once. Do your thing here.

I've been on a bit of a Brunello bent of late, because who doesn't love looking at wines they can't afford! Fortunately for you all, I've sourced some regional gems from some of the best producers that won't cause you to remortgage. This is some of the best drinking you'll do all year. Trust me. Pls.

Moving on whilst looking back. I've been reunited with a former love. His name is Julian Haart. A surname that's entirely fitting, wouldn't you say? Premier German Rizza! Because I didn't already have enough. It's true, there's no such as thing as too much of a good thing. Make sense of that with a bottle of this stuff.

One final shout out. I was pouring this by the glass over the weekend to much acclaim. So it deserves a mention. Sylvaner is usually pretty insipid. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Domaine Bohn, however, are pretty good at what they do. Copains d'Abord. A litre of zippy, crowd pleasing white woine. Do yourselves a favour here.

Gtg, dog needs walking. Fkn rain.

ily xxx