12th May – 🚀 🍊 Fresh Skinsy Piss + Cult UK Cider + Kings of Germany...

by Megan Jones


Time for some sun baking! Do you want some wine to go with your sun? If so, make sure you get that order in by 2:30pm so that I can do my best work.

There's gonna be some news on the tasting front shortly. We've got Marelise from Momento Wines flying over from South Africa in June. She's got better chat than me, so it'll be a good night of sumptuous wine consumption. Tickets on sale next week.

OK, onto more immediate pleasure. 

New Skinsy Arrivals from the Med! A fair few of you are already well acquainted with the joyous wines of Alessandro Viola, and if you're not already, I can't recommend them highly enough. Anyway, just landed some of his skin contact gear. Intensity is dialled up in this instance, varietal character placed front and centre. Well worth a stab if you like food focussed skin contact booze. Check out all his stuff here, the Rose is also what dreamz r made of.

Continuing on the skinsy side of life. More newbies from Oriol Artigas. Hailing from just north of Barcelona, here's another producer to get to know, you know? These have been stupidly well received when on the pour in the bar, so it feels only right to share them with you all 💘 have a gander here.

KIngs  of Germany! Just landed some more of the good stuff from Weingut/s Julian Haart and Peter Lauer. They join an already throbbing stable of ultra delicious wine made from Riesling. These are quite possibly the best things you will ever drink. Had a Haart Piesporter last Satdee. RIPPER! These are all dry, and stunning. So happy dayz.

Not Just Wine! Got some cider too, helps that they're quite vinous in nature. Freshies from Little Pomona are available now, unfortunately in very short stocks as they make f**k all. Don't be silly, don't miss out...

Last but not least ay. Patrice Beguet, of Hughes Beguet, of Jura, doing his thing. New 2020s from Big Bunch Theory. A name which always guides my mind to the Big Bang Theory and one of my first jobs, sitting around in a Pizzeria back home as a young fella, with the drone of horrendous sitcoms in the background. Maybe that's why I am currently dreaming/planning a pizza venture. Pizza and wine. Watch this space. Back to the present. This is Patrice's negoce operation. A multi-region blending act/balancing act. Wines of sublime personality and joyous drinking qualities. Limited stocks as with all things good. Get one or two or three here.

Remember, in London we now offer Saturday delivery as standard. Hurrah!

Ok that's me. Have a good one.

Lil D.