by Megan Jones


Sincere apologies for the radio silence. I've been entertaining the olds, and they've well and truly been making up for 3 years worth of missed golden child time. But don't worry, I have been working in the down time between breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. My liver needs a rest...

I've been waiting on these for a while. My sales rep must be close to breaking point, such has been the voracity of my email and in person requests for a massive allocation asap. It's one of my favourite releases of the year, a mixed dozen has already made it's way in to my stash. If I could get as much of these wines as is requested of me, I'd be able to FINALLY retire to the South of France. If you want some, I'd move with haste and disregard for others. 

2021 Ochota Barrels.... a tumultuous couple of vintages in the Hills in general, with no one suffering as directly as Amber. It's astounding, and testament to both her and sadly now Taras' legacy, that the range now swells further. You'd struggle to name a more influential producer in this sphere in the Southern Hemisphere. Certainly none more giving. It's a bumper year, quality through the roof and quantities thankfully on the rise. Words below from Amber.

“Ochota barrels vintage 2021 had everything...
tears, darkness, laughter, confusion, long days, longer nights, stunning fruit, kindness, deep deep grief, family, friends, children, babies, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, rain, sun, exhaustion, meltdowns, dropped barrels, spilled wine, long lunches, vineyard wanderings, pride, gratefulness, fear, panic, relief, rainbows, water tanks, lessons learned, memories relived.

it’s all a part of the wine, just as it’s all a part of life.
I truly hope you enjoy these wines and more importantly enjoy the people you drink them with.”
xx amber

I'm extremely happy to be able to share these beautiful wines with you. Limited quantities are available here.


More sunshine in a bottle has also just arrived from the energetic Tim Wildman. Pet-Nat King? Something like that. As usual, there's bugger all to go around. Get your Piggy Pop and Astro Bunny here! HE HE HE HE


Special news if you live in London! Yay! My beautiful courier partner are now offering Saturday shipping as standard, so you can leave it fully last minute and still get your vinous satisfaction. We'll just be putting these through as usual, so orders placed before 2:30pm on  Friday will be with you on Saturday. Hectic. Same Day Delivery will soon be a regular thing again also. What a time we live in.

Everyone else who is lucky enough to not live in the smog den, the usual cut off time applies. 2:30pm on a Thursday at the latest for a good time this weekend.