8th November – RETURN OF THE CUTE JURA PACK 😲 + Susucaru Rosato 😋

by Megan Jones


Big Day! Tuesday afterall! 

Feels weird to be bigging up pink wine in December, but hey, things are weird, so we can be too. It's also not just any pink wine. Cornelissen Susucaru Rosato is here. It makes absolutely no sense as to why they choose to release the Rosato now and the Rosso in the summer, but whatever, I am not one to complain. Limited stocks, understandably, for this certified hype juice that also happens to taste nice. Grab some here. 

Christmas has come early if you like hard to find wines from the Jura. Being an extremely fair bloke, and as with all other things allocated, rare and extremely desirable, I've decided to split the load. This means the return of the Cute Jura Packs! Something I know many of you have been craving. It's an honour to able to satisfy such. So, if you like Bornard and Bruyere-Houillon then you'll also get acquainted with the likes of Aviet, Buronfosse and Les Dolomies. Superstars in their own right, who will one day also be impossible to buy. So consider this me doing you a pre-dated favour. You can pay me back later. Packs r avails here. (scroll to the bottom after clicking)

Happy times!

Cya round xxx